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Below are some resources that I commonly refer to clients to add to their regular routine or articles of interest. Also included in this section are articles on food as therapy and research articles on shiatsu.

Tree Qi-gong exercise - Warren Wilson

Hand Shiatsu for improved sleep - Leisa Bellmore

5 Organ-element interconnection


Connecting to Centre: Healing begins in the Hara - Emma Strapps


Food as therapy

Food as therapy

Healthy Salad
Research articles
Research articles
Pressure point massage 1

There have been some significant research papers published on shiatsu over the last 20 years including research into shiatsu and significant benefits for lower back pain, headaches, sleep problems, autism spectrum and fybromyalgia. A comprehensive list can be found at

Some examples of recently published research on Shiatsu include:

The Effects and Experience of Shiatsu: A Cross European Study

Dr Andrew Long, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds, (2007)

This report contains evidence of health benefits found through the experience of Shiatsu across three countries - England, Spain and Austria

Effects of Acupressure on Sleep Quality and Psychological Distress in Nursing Home Residents: A Randomised Controlled Trial

I-Hui Chen RN, et. al. (2019) Journal of the American Medical Directors Association

This was a randomised, double-blind, sham-controlled trial. Sixty-two nursing home residents with poor sleep quality and psychological distress participated. The study concludes that "Acupressure at true acupoints improves sleep quality, reduces psychological distress, and provides more clinically beneficial effects compared with that at sham points." 

Shiatsu as an adjuvant therapy for depression in patients with Alzheimer's disease: A pilot study

Lanza G. et. al. (2018) Complementary Therapies in Medicine Vol 38

This study revealed that "The combination of Shiatsu and physical activity improved depression in AD patients compared to physical activity alone. The pathemechanism might involve neuroendocrine-mediated effects of Shiatsu on neural circuits implicated in mood and affect regulation."


Single-blind, randomised, pilot study combining shiatsu and amitriptyline in refractory primary headaches

Villani V., et. al. (2017) Neuralogical Sciences Springer-Verlag Italia

"This article presents the findings from a single-blind, randomised trial investigating the effect of combining shiatsu plus amitriptyline for patients with refractory headaches. Although the combination did not provide any additive/synergistic effect, the shiatsu was superior to amitriptyline in reducing the number of pain killers taken per month. There was no safety concern for shiatsu (alone or in combination)."

The Effects of Shiatsu on Lower Back Pain

Brady L., et. al. (2001) Journal of Holistic Nursing

"... a study of 66 individuals complaining of lower pain. Each individual was measured on state/trait anxiety and pain level before and after four shiatsu treatments. Each subject was then called 2 days following each treatment and asked to quantify the level of pain. Both pain and anxiety decreased significantly over time... These subjects would recommend shiatsu massage for others suffering from lower back pain..."

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