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ICCMR conference presentation 2019

In May of this year I had the fortune to attend and present at the International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research in Brisbane. It was an inspiring experience and opportunity to witness an incredibly diverse array of research happening in the field of CM. I was honored to attend as a representative of STAA (Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia) who have supported my research journey thus far.

While there were many highlights, perhaps best was the chance to speak to a broader audience about shiatsu in Australia as there is really very little research in this category to date.

This presentation was an extract from the research paper published in AIM (Advances in Integrative Medicine), August 2019. However, what holds great promise for future research was the data that tentatively concludes shiatsu may be beneficial for some key health areas including:

1. pain/musculoskeletal

2. mental health/wellbeing

3. fatigue and

4. gastrointestinal

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