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Corona Virus: we are still operating

We are currently still open and taking appointments at this stage with strick adherence to our risk minimisation protcol. This means strictly single use linen and towels, surface cleaning after each client, hand washing and hand sanitizer and our air purifiers and oil diffusers on constantly. We are also wearing face masks and covering the entire skin of our clients so that we have minimal direct contact and have adjusted our treatment to minimise close contact with faces. We ask that if you are feeling unwell at the time of your appointment that you reschedule for 2 weeks later and we will do the same. We believe shiatsu may be an important part of our client's health care and pain management program and also has the capacity to strengthen the immune and respiratory system. Please read next post for more information. We hope that you are taking the very best care and send our thoughts to all at this unusual time.

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