Upcoming workshops

A series of workshops introducing you to the art of shiatsu. Planning now underway

In 2018 3 workshops were presented including
1/ Intro to shiatsu including partner work and self shiatsu, acupressure points, meridians and some basic TCM theory
2/ Back, Neck and Shoulder pain explored through shiatsu theory and practice as well as self shiatsu & stretches to release neck and shoulder pain
3/*Family First aid shiatsu* honing in on common symptoms where shiatsu may offer some release including headaches, colds, sleep issues, fatigue and preventative care.

Please contact Emma for more information.


This workshop will develop embodied awareness and practical methods for releasing localised pain, tension and stress by identifying and moving from specific sites of pain. This series of 6 sessions incorporates elements of Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, anatomy & physiology, yoga, dance and meditation.

Now taking expressions of interest. Dates and times to be confirmed.

Please contact Emma for more information.